Study Shows Walking Poles Signifantly Increase Oxygen Uptake

It was found that the use of walking poles significantly increased oxygen uptake, heart rate and energy expenditure by approximately 20% compared to walking without poles in fit subjects. In Porcari’s study of 32 healthy men and women walking with poles, results were an average 23% higher oxygen uptake, 22% higher caloric expenditure and 16% higher heart rate responses compared to walking without poles on a treadmill. Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) values averaged 1.5 units higher with the use of poles and the pattern of responses were similar for men and women. Visit External Link

Porcari JP, Hendrickson TL, Walter PR, Terry L, Walsko G.
The physiological responses to walking with and without Power Poles on treadmill exercise.
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 1997 Jun; 68(2): 161-6