Our Contributions

Over the last 10 years Keenfit -The Pole Walking Co., either through head-office or through a wide selection of its’ wonderful independent Certified Pole Walking Instructors, has participated in countless community & fundraising events to both help raise awareness for a multitude of causes or raise money for a number of causes. We appreciate all of those Instructors who have stood-up to play their role in making a difference in the world by either:

  • Participating in or assisting-at different Walks
  • Participating in or assisting-at many special days or events
  • Presenting or teaching for different Health Groups/Associations
  • Gathering their Walking Groups to raise money & contribute
  • Donating Walking Poles to raise money

Keenfit is honoured to have been affiliated with or contributed to . . .

  • BCRPA Symposium – Sun Peaks
  • Brain Injury Society – South Similkameen
  • Bridge’s Active Living Team
  • Canadian Orthopedic Nursing Association
  • Cancer Society
  • CHIP -Complete Health Improvement Plan
  • City of Kelowna – KickStart Program
  • City of Penticton
  • Steps out Program
  • COACH -Central Okanagan Association for Cardiac Health
  • Curves
  • Diabetes Association
  • Discover Sun Peaks Adventures
  • Dycks Medical Centre
  • Healthways – SilverSneakers Fitness
  • Heart & Stoke Foundation
  • JDRF -Juvenile Diabetes Walk
  • MS Society
  • Orthopedic Walk – Stride with Pride
  • Osteoporosis Society
  • Parkinson’s Association
  • Peachland Wellness Center
  • Prospera Credit Union
  • Rec Excellence – Vernon Multiplex
  • Retired Employees Association
  • Revenue Canada
  • Running Room
  • Salvation Army
  • School District No.23
  • TOPS Club -Take Off Pounds Sensibly
  • WCB -Workers Compensation Board
  • Weight Watchers
  • YMCA
The Keenfit Walking Poles have given me more Freedom

I am writing to share my experience with KeenFit Walking Poles. They have changed my life due to your knowledgeable... View Article


The Keenfit Walking Poles have given me more Freedom

I am writing to share my experience with KeenFit Walking Poles. They have changed my life due to your knowledgeable staff. Your staff person, Rosie, sent the KeenFit Walking Poles to me. She recognized the benefits that I could gain from using the Keenfit Walking Poles – and they changed my life.

I have a diagnosis of Spastic Cerebral Palsy and have used some form of a cane or crutch for the past 25 years. Last October I started to develop pain in my hands, arms and shoulders, all of which resulted from overuse of the canes/crutches. To treat the problem, Doctors had me switch walking devices. I was using Canadian Crutches and they were not working for me. They were heavy and cumbersome and I was prone to falls with them.

As part of ongoing treatment, I have also been working with a personal fitness trainer who has been working with me on strengthening, stretching, resistance training and a range of flexibility exercises. The gains from the training were not carrying over when I was using the Canadian Crutches. When I used the KeenFit Walking Poles, results from the personal training carried over.

For example, I am using my legs more than my arms to stand and move with the Walking Poles. The pressure on my arms, hands and shoulders is less. I can stand easily with the Walking Poles. I have better posture and can pick up my feet better. When I took the Walking Poles to my personal trainer, he said, ‘I want you using these Walking Poles full time.’ The KeenFit Walking Poles have given me more freedom. They have been tools that have improved my gait and have allowed me to do what I have never done before. All of this resulted from Rosie and her skills to recognize a Client’s needs. I thank you for this excellent product and want to recognize Rosie for her awareness, knowledge and first-rate service.

Watch Kerry’s Gait from all angles here:


Hi. I wanted to share the latest in the Botox / Leg treatment saga. Today, March 22, I hit another milestone. I walked on a treadmill. Those who knew me before these treatments, know that a treadmill would have been a nightmare with my balance issues. I would have ended up on my nose. Today, I felt like I was in a marching band. I was picking up my feet and knees. I am over the moon once again. Of course, the trainer was riding my tail the entire time…. and the time on the treadmill was not 30 seconds, it was 20 minutes. This new element will become a part of the ongoing routine of strength training and swimming. Sometimes, gifts come in the smallest packages. Will keep you posted! Kerry