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What is a Certified Keenfit Pole Walking Instructor?

A Certified Keenfit Pole Walking Instructor is someone who:

  • Has a pair of Keenfit Walking Poles
  • Walks regularly & feels confident using them
  • Truly Loves Pole Waking
  • Enjoys people
  • Likes teaching & helping people to learn something new
  • Wants to become an Instructor
  • Likes the idea of being a Healthy Role Model
  • Wants to pass on the amazing health & fitness benefits of Pole Walking to others
  • Is either independent or works for a rec. center, health office or fitness club
  • Likes the idea of running Pole Walking Clinics &/or Walking Clubs
  • Likes the idea of being able to build your own profitable Business
  • Has a Internet connection with their own computer, to access the Keenfit Online Instructor Portal and Support tools

If you LOVE Pole Walking, you enjoy people and you like the idea of being a Healthy Role Model then come along and join our team!

This is a great opportunity if you want to be part of Helping to Raise the Fitness Level North America & creating a Walking Revolution.

Our Keenfit Certified Pole Walking Instructors receive the training to run their own clinics and clubs at their local rec. center, local park, health office, fitness club or any place where you can find people who truly want to change their lives.

Our most successful Instructors have created their own profitable businesses just by doing something they love!

Keenfit Pole Walking Instructor Certification Program
We have two Packages – Each Designed to Fit Your Level of Commitment.
Select the Instructor Certification Package that best suits you:

Basic Instructor’s Package #1

Only $198.98
Regular $298.98

Business Builder’s Package #2

Only $498.98
Regular $598.98

For more information or to get started call 1-877-533-6348

Travelling with Sciatica & Poles

We first saw Keenfit Poles being used by friends here in Sidney, BC, & they were walking long distances without... View Article


Travelling with Sciatica & Poles

We first saw Keenfit Poles being used by friends here in Sidney, BC, & they were walking long distances without any evidence of being tired.

They lent them to us and directed us to the Keenfit videos which are very helpful. When we ordered them, Keenfit delivered two sets promptly with additional shoes for snow, sand and hard and soft surfaces.

We have taken them everywhere, including the beaches at Tofino, the hikes throughout the Victoria region and along the boardwalks and sidewalks of Puerto Vallarta, Honolulu and Maui.

My wife and I are aged 75. She has painful sciatica. Without the Poles she can barely walk a city block without having to stop and rest. With her Poles she can walk three miles without stress or pain. We nearly chose a walker for her to be able to get about. The Poles have negated any thought of a walker, and she can walk slowly or quickly with Keenfit.

We are often stopped and asked questions and are very proud to support this company and it’s product.

Call us anytime for our strong support of these Poles.

Greg and Pat

Greg & Pat – age 75
Sidney-SaanichBritish Columbia – CA