What a Difference when Poles are used Correctly!

Rose and Sheri:

I am emailing you to share a story. I know my last contact was not
a positive towards Poles, but life took a turn for me to re-evaluate using those Poles again. Here is what happened to help me see those Poles are in my hands for a reason.

Here is my story a combination of healing to my buttocks and legs and being shown recently on how to CORRECTLY USE THE POLES HAS GIVEN A ME an approach and understanding why to use my Poles. I am using them properly now. I made a decision that both I and my dog need exercise.

Now back to my Poles, I’m using them correctly for the first time, as a result of doing that I was exhausted and went to bed early I had no energy. I have never been exhausted using them before. **Note from Keenfit: Yes – please take it easy, listen to your body & stop when it says enough – & gradually work your way up in time. Some can do 5 mins to start out – others 1 hour. It depends on your fitness level.

While I was using them in the park I had a stranger come up to me with a Dog and wanted to know if she could use them when she was dog walking, I told her YES.
I told her yes you can lose weight, and have a better tone and structure of posture using them. She was very surprised, I will be selling her my 2nd pair of Poles I have at home.

I recently started clearing and opening my root and heart chakras for internal healing in my root area by laying down on my yoga equipment for stretching my legs and hips and arms wide open for 15 – 30 mins before bed. My right buttocks normally had a small bone with no muscle development around it. Since opening my chakras I have a better gait and structure even the left foot points forward instead of side ways. It looks like it a smoother gait from the hips downward, I even bend down, stretch and have a better steadier balance with chakras being cleared.

Of course with all this restructuring of my lower limbs brings joy and desire to use my Poles even stronger, because I see how it can give me some things that God never did till now. I was born with mild Spina Bifida, so being 59 years old and receiving this gift from the Universe has opened up a whole new world for me.

I have a new release in life to seeing how these POLES can assist my structure of hips, legs and upper body to get built up so I can join the Special Skiing Assisted program here at Mt. Washington in November. I am using and developing muscles that I have never had before.

Being able to be mobile in a whole new way also encourages me to eat well to have a better weight, no REFINED FOOD. I look forward to having a new weight because of new muscle development.

When I receive those Pay it Forward cards in the mail I will take them with me to help those who also want a better physical and mental lifestyle. I will even take them to the Heart & Stroke club meeting to do a small demo maybe now that I have a better relationship with MY POLES.

I am so happy to be back using my Poles correctly, thanks Rose and Sheri.

I was using them forward not backwards.

Yours Sincerely,

Courtenay BC

Rhonda – age 59
CourtenayBritish Columbia – CA