Walking Poles for Pain Management!

Hi Sheri and Rosie and Jesper.

You asked for my “story”.

I think it was 4 years ago I got the Poles from you at the Wellness show. Since that time I have walked approximately 5 kilometers ( often more) almost every day of the year, including rain, wind and snow. Usually I walk on trails in the Headwater and Seymour area but I put on the feet and do some streets as well. I had a dog and found it very easy to walk the dog on leash and hold the Poles.

A little over 2 years ago my back developed a very large problem from L 2 to S1 and I couldn’t move. I absolutely believe it was the use of the Poles that enabled me to start walking and avoid surgery. Every morning now my back is stiff and sore, along with a lot of osteoarthritis pain in the hips and back. My Poles and I do the 5 k’s and I’m good to go for the day.

Hope that is what you wanted. You are welcome to edit it as you wish or totally ignore the whole thing. Oh ya, in case you are wondering I am 77.

Must tell you, I loaned my new ( old) Poles to a good friend of mine yesterday. She normally walks bent over a bit and an awkward gait. She is also complaining of being really stiff all over. It certainly took her a while to get the hang of foot and Poles working together but by the end of the 3 K’s she was walking up straight, no gait and feeling fine and she could feel it. We are going out again this afternoon. She is slow to adapt to new ways but please tell me when you are in town again so I can plant the seed of her getting her own Poles.

Peg – age 77
VancouverBritish Columbia – CA