Pole Walking with Dog on Retractable Leash

These pictures are an example of how you can Pole Walk and Dog Walk simultaneously using a retractable leash.

Willa is Pole Walking her dog Rex – having him go out the front as that seems to be his preference.  You may also use the side of your Pole gently to guide your dog along to keep him/her on track.  Some dogs may prefer being at the back – especially if you are faster than they are.

Experimenting with your dog with what will work best for you will be key.  You can also simply have a regular leash loop around the handle of your Pole (above your palm strap) – keeping it in place with your hand.  Should the dog need to take off to chase something irresitably tempting.. just tilt the Pole forward and release the loop so the dog will not take you along for the ride.

Depending on the temperament of your dog – if skittish and scared – start out gradually for a short time… increasing the amount of time with each try – slowly introducing the activity to your dog.  It is your call as to whether to give the dog a treat after each session. :o)

If you have an uncontrollable dog – not all hope is lost – bring a friend with you to walk the dog while you Pole Walk – then switch half way so they can Pole Walk too!

Willa Kansas – US