Pole Walking Gives BETTER Results than Running


I have just been introduced to Pole Walking and I am so excited that I just have to share it with you. I bought my Poles about two weeks ago at the Women’s Show in Abbotsford. I walked by the booth just before everything was closing down for the weekend and laughed as everyone does at “those funny people who walk with Poles”.

I stopped to inquire and I forget the woman’s name I spoke with. She said she climbs Mission Hill every day. Well, I was so impressed with how in shape she was that I bought a pair right on the spot.

I run every day, and have been for ten years. In two weeks, Pole Walking has done more for me than running has in ten years. 

I thought my muscles were changing as I could feel them tingling when I get back from my walk each day, but I didn’t notice it as nothing was changing on the weigh scale. Today I was clothes shopping and couldn’t believe that my usual size was falling off! I lost an entire size in two weeks! Not only that, I noticed muscles forming in my abs which I have never seen before!!

Why aren’t more people doing this?? How can you get these more available?? I have told so many people about it already and referred them to your website. It is so much cheaper to buy a pair of Poles than to go to a gym! People never end up going to the gym anyway once they pay their membership. I can’t believe how easy it is. 

Sometimes running can be such a drudgery and an effort to get out there. When I walk with my Poles on the same 6km that I run, I don’t even notice the pain and find myself enjoying what’s going on around me like the birds and people; and I end up getting a better workout!

Thank you for changing my mindset from a mocker to a believer! This is the best thing I have ever discovered, not to mention an amazingly fit new body!



It’s Jane from Abbotsford!

I am still a walking advertisement for you! I just gave away my last Pay It Forward Card, even though tonight I sent a couple more people your way. Is it possible to send me some more?

Hi Jane!

I’ve seen your before and after pictures and am so glad you are keeping at it! 🙂 🙂

You bet – more cards are on their way to you today.

Thank-you so much for your support!
Take care,

Hi Rosie,

I just celebrated three years since I started Keenfit Walking and my after pictures are even better! 😀

The two ladies I spoke to last night were amazed that I no longer had “bat wings” on my arms, and a flat stomach… and a little tight butt — just from walking!

Before Picture with two After Pictures

Jane AbbotsfordBritish Columbia – CA