Marathon Walker noticing WAY more Definition in her Arms!

Hi Sheri,

I am a marathon walker, so I have buns and legs of steel. I wanted to get my upper body into better shape – so I decided that I needed to go to the gym. I signed up for the gym and a personal trainer. I told my trainer I wanted arms like Halle Berry.

I worked really hard for almost 2 years and I got some results. Then, I met Sheri and told her my story, she said feel my arms. WOW! So, I decided to take my love of walking to the next level and signed on as an Instructor.

I have noticed WAY more definition in my arms, in a little over a month, than all my gym sessions. Now I am the one saying feel my arms. I can’t wait till summer is here and I can wear arm revealing clothing.


Kristine – age 49
VictoriaBritish Columbia – CA