Just what the Doctor Ordered

Dear Rosie:

I truly think it is a great product and a great company. These Walking Poles are much more chic than canes.

I am entering my 8th decade of life. My health is generally good, although I have had two knee replacement surgeries. After my dog died, I found myself getting to be more of a couch potato. My physician recommended I start walking more.

I saw an advertisement for Keenfit Walking Poles in a catalog that arrived in the mail. I went to the Keenfit website and read more about the Walking Poles. I also noted that someone older than I was using them, so I ordered a pair.

When they arrived, I had difficulty getting the Poles to lock. I called Keenfit Customer Service and talked with Rosie. She emailed me instructions on how to get the lock to engage, and I still could not get the Poles to lock. I made a second call to Rosie who said they would mail new lower bottoms and a water bottle.

The next day I reread the instructions and also reread the instructions on the website and got the Poles to lock. Apparently, in my eagerness to start using the Keenfit Walking Poles, I misread the instructions. It was my error that the Poles would not lock and had nothing to do with a problem with the Keenfit Walking Poles.

I then drove to a local park and tried the Keenfit Walking Poles. What a joy they are to use. They create a very enjoyable rhythm while walking. I found that they gave me good support. As a senior citizen, I really appreciate that. Because they are so enjoyable to use, I also found that I tended to walk much further with the Keenfit Walking Poles than I did without them. They are just what the doctor ordered.

As I continue to use the Keenfit Walking Poles, I realize that one of the reasons I enjoy them so much is that I used to do a lot of cross country skiing, and the Keenfit Walking Poles give me some of the same enjoyment while walking. People also talk to you about the Poles while you are using them, which is fun. I truly believe purchasing the Keenfit Walking Poles will increase my stamina, help me to become fitter and help me to lose weight. I have also noticed that my tight shoulder and neck muscles are not as tight as they used to be. Deciding to purchase the Keenfit Walking Poles is the best decision I have made in a long time.

I would also like to compliment the Keenfit Walking Poles company on their wonderful customer service. Rosie was so helpful and supportive in trying in every way to resolve the problem I was having – even though it was of my own making. They are a great company with a great product!

Janet – age 80
IndialanticFlorida – US