I began walking 5KM, 5 days a week in spring, & by May 1st I had lost 7 pounds!

Dear Keenfit,

I purchased Poles in the Spring  for the purpose of strengthening my arms (which lack muscle from a previous medical condition) and to help me walk straighter. I seem to have gotten into the habit of slouching over the years. Because I golf, I used the Poles sporadically last summer, & then in the fall I did less walking because I had Plantar Fasciitis.

By early Feb., I was able to resume my walking. Normally I walk 8KM, 5 days a week. However, I had read that with the Poles, one did not have to walk as far, to gain the same benefits. I began walking 5KM, 5 days a week, and by May 1st, -to my surprise -I had lost 7 pounds!

Although I could lose a few pounds, I had not set out to do that. I have not changed my eating habits. In other words, I have not been dieting but was thrilled to have taken off a few pounds while still being able to enjoy all my favorite foods! I notice that I am able to walk faster with my Poles, and also enjoy the support they give me when I am walking up steep grades.

I am looking forward to hiking in the mountains this summer.

Happy walking everyone!

Dilene – age 55
LethbridgeAlberta – CA