Cannot believe what a great Total-Body Workout it is! I have Scoliosis & bad Knees

Dear Sheri,

I am 40 years old and like to stay in very good shape. I work from home and love getting out and using my Poles.

When Pole Walking, I don’t listen to music, but rather to people and nature – thus making it a mind/body experience.

For 20 years I did aerobics, step classes and ran. However, I have scoliosis and bad knees and normally always get sore knees and a sore back, even when just going for a walk. With the Walking Poles I can now (power!) walk without getting any pain.

I cannot believe what a great total-body workout it is. After an hour of fast walking with my Poles, I feel my triceps, my biceps, my lower arms, my glutes, my thighs and my calves – but! no pain in the back and knees!

My arms look like I am lifting weights, nice toned muscles, even though I’m not. It’s all from using the Poles correctly. With the Walking Poles I now get a perfect workout without having to go to the gym.

It’s cheap, outdoors and I can fit it into my schedule!

Perni – age 40
British Columbia – CA