Breast Cancer Recovery, Regaining Energy & Strength to Reduce Arm & Leg Pain

Hello! My name is Linda and I want to share with you a true story.

Over the past 1 ½ years, I have undergone three surgeries for breast cancer and six months chemotherapy. I am now working on getting my energy back.

One month ago, a colleague tried to “pry” me off my couch. I was reluctant as I’d been dealing with, firstly, major fatigue and, secondly, lymph edema in my dominant hand and arm which causes painful swelling. To make a long story short, I finally decided that to get this “pesty” lady off my back, I would give in and go for a walk with these “Walking Poles” she was so excited about.

Until this day I had been dragging myself out for a walk to try to increase my strength. I was on a strict regimen of hourly hand stretches and physiotherapy twice per week, however, I felt that I needed to increase the strength in my arms and legs. Enter my friend Marj and her Walking Poles! We had walked for only about two minutes – me using the Walking Poles – and I noticed that my cardio was getting worked. As well, my arms were being exercised.

After about a five minute session, we finished and Marj left me her Walking Poles to continue to use and try out. The next morning, I found myself going on another walk with the borrowed Poles and I noticed that I was almost enjoying myself (heaven forbid!).

By the third day, I was walking farther, faster and was actually breaking a sweat… something I had never achieved by “just walking”. I need to also share that I have a weak leg which is a result of polio I contracted at age one. While using the Walking Poles, I immediately noticed and was very surprised that the “pressure” was taken off of both of my legs.

The fact was that I was able to walk without discomfort and faster with the Walking Poles. Marj later told me about the proof of this… being that 26% is being offset by the Walking Poles. Good news for me!

After my noticeable successes in only three short days, I sat down and ordered myself a pair of Walking Poles from

In conclusion, my life has changed thanks to Marj and those two little blue Walking Poles! My arms and legs are getting stronger and my waistline is starting to trim down. I no longer find excuses not to go for my daily walk. After just a few short weeks, I have more stamina and more energy. I can hardly wait to see what a few months will do!

Linda – age 56
British Columbia – CA