Maximize Your Benefits

Follow our simple 4-Step process:

If you want to be sure to maximize your benefits & get all you can out of Pole Walking. You need to learn how-to-do-it-right & then work at getting-good-at-it.

The Videos below are designed to walk you through a simple 4-Step Process to help ensure you will Get Good at Pole Walking, so you will use your Walking Poles the ‘right’ way & maximize your benefits.

Be sure to watch ALL of our Free on-line How-to Videos below. Watch them together with a friend if possible – it takes less than 30 minutes.

Having someone watch that you have the correct form & are doing things ‘right’ – can really make a difference, remember:

“What one ‘think’ one is doing, & what one is ‘actually’ doing
– aren’t always related!”

STEP 1 Walking Pole Feet Options

Understand all of the different Walking Pole Feet Options. Your Keenfit Walking Poles will be able to take you anywhere. The basic accessories like carbide-tips, trail-feet, beach-baskets & road-feet come standard with our walking poles.
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STEP 2 How To Set Your Walking Poles

Setting your walking poles correctly is very important – it helps ensure not only comfort but also increases your ability to carry-out the techniques effectively & in-turn get better results.
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STEP 3 Avoid Bad Habits

‘Same-legging’ is a term Keenfit has coined to name the incorrect use of walking poles where the user moves the same arm with the same leg instead of walking the more natural movement of opposite leg to hand.
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‘White-caning’ is a term Keenfit has coined to name the incorrect use of walking poles where the user extends the foot of the lead pole with a flicking or caulking of the wrist forward out in front of them.
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‘Scuffling’ is a term Keenfit has coined to name the incorrect use of walking poles where the user scuffs the foot of their poles along the ground before planting & pushing off – causing premature wear of their pole feet.
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STEP 4 The Keenfit Pole Walking System

The Keenfit Pole Walking System is a ‘Unique & Simple, Walking System’ that we also like to call ‘Nordic Walking Plus’ – it is designed to maximize results for everyone – from the casual-average walker to the more serious-athletic walker.
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Punch-Pull is our beginner to intermediate technique that is best used to warm-up with, it is best used on uneven & lesser compact terrain like trails / paths & gravel roads & works best for going down hills – where one would choose to use less resistance.
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Pendulum-Push is our intermediate to advanced technique that is best used after you have warmed up & when you would like to use more resistance & push-off. It is best done on more even & harder compact surfaces like roads / sidewalks & pavement.
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An Amusing Instructor’s Tale with Exerscuseful Seniors

I was asked to do a Walking Club starting in September at our Seniors Center. We had a Keenfit Certified... View Article


An Amusing Instructor’s Tale with Exerscuseful Seniors

I was asked to do a Walking Club starting in September at our Seniors Center. We had a Keenfit Certified Instructor come out in June and sell 20 sets of Poles. I also decided to become a Keenfit Certified Instructor after I bought Poles from this gentlemen named Ken.

I have lost 5lbs a month and am down 30lbs since using my Poles. I walk my 2 dogs and 2 cats down to the boat launch ever morning and night. One day I decided to count my steps and it worked out to 830 steps each way with a break and a sit down and a bit of yoga on the beach looking at the fishermen and Elk Island and some chit chat with neighbours.

My first class went well with 8 persons showing up. I walked with another fellow named Ken. He is approximately 40 lbs overweight and has a heart condition. We went to the Post Office from the Senior’s Center. The same distance as I walk to the boat launch from my cabin where I live.

The other seniors took off and went 3 times the distance we went. When we got back they said we cheated. I commented that was the distance I had been walking to attain my weight loss and that they were bullying us.

The second class produced the same amount of seniors but with a new person named Bev and she is approximately 30 lbs overweight. She walked with me and said “If this was all the distance I walked then it wasn’t worth the effort of getting up and meeting us” I said it was okay for her to walk with the other seniors. P.S. She has only come out 3 more times for she is too busy. I see her daily and everything is aching and she is putting on more and more weight. She says her back is bothering her. I asked her to bend her knees to stretch her hamstring and she says it hurts too much. She is an old friend and was a lifeguard with me years ago.
I am going to convince her in time. I cross my fingers.

I got home and thought about what happened and realized that I was 249 lbs. and 5’7″ when I started and without the Poles could not have walked to the boat launch like I had been doing for 5 months. The realization was I was carrying in reality approximately 100lbs of potatoes on my back walking any distance. So the amount you are overweight is the amount extra you have to carry around all day long. So the seniors who left us in the dust should have been fitted with 2 sacks of potatoes under each arm and see if they could walk even 830 steps.

My daughter has 18 month old twins and they weigh the equivalent of 52 lbs, imagine carrying them a full city block. Dream on I say.

I then called my 81 year old mother and asked if she was using her Poles.
She said no for her legs hurt when she was using the Poles (which is actually the opposite of what happens when most people use Poles.. they help your legs hurt LESS or not at all!). She has put on at least 35 lbs. in the last 2 years and she said it is okay for she is old and loves to eat. No I told her to stretch first and walk only 200 steps per time and see. Well it is day 4 and so far okay. By the way she is in great health but putting on weight everyday. My mom can walk on in the hallway where she lives. When she got the Poles in August, she was keen and 3 other friends also bought Poles. She walked too far and gave up for she never had time. She didn’t realize she also was now carrying 30 lbs of potatoes.

Her one friend Nancy is 120lbs overweight and asked to walk with them and my mom said no. We can’t walk with her she is too slow and can only walk a short distance. I said that was okay let her come with you and then pick her up on the way back. Well my mom stopped walking because of her extra weight and walked too fast and too far and of course Nancy had no one to walk with and personally was probably scared of falling down and being alone so she quit.

Wow I sure am working hard with this group. I am determined to see this through.


An Angie Update:

I am fine and have lost 4 clothes sizes and dropped 1/2 a shoe size. 8 – 7 1/2 I feel great. The male friend of mine is now busy fishing and then hunting starts. Perfect, I love the fall. My girlfriends and myself fish off the pier. Cocktails and munchies and comfortable seats. We will be going out Pole Walking today. We catch pickeral, sunfish, bass, perch.

Talk later

Angie – age 63
Victoria BeachManitoba – CA