Step 4 – Keenfit Pole Walking System


You have covered STEP-1 – & understand your Walking Pole feet options.

You have covered STEP-2 – so that you know you have your Walking Poles set correctly & they are the right height & they feel comfortable.

You have also studied STEP-3 – so you can avoid the bad habits that are most common to Pole Walking.

You are now ready for STEP-4 – learning how-to do the Keenfit Walking System. . .

What Makes Our Keenfit Pole Walking System Special

The Keenfit Pole Walking System is a ‘Unique & Simple, Walking System’ that we also like to call ‘Nordic Walking Plus‘ – it is designed to maximize results for everyone – from the casual-average walker to the more serious-athletic walker. This uniquely designed method of walking with poles incorporates 2 easy to learn techniques – one [Punch-Pull] enhances & promotes a more mainstream method of pole walking – while the other [Pendulum-Push] parallels the more traditional form of Nordic Walking. The Keenfit Walking System is exclusive to Keenfit & helps to make us special.

You may have noticed we do not call what we do nor do we ever refer to it as Nordic Walking [rather: Pole Walking; The Keenfit Pole Walking System or Nordic Walking Plus]… Though pole walking does originate from Nordic Walking we believe the term ‘Nordic’’ can conjure up images of snow, alpine-meadows, bush-whacking, hiking, trails, etc. – which are all fine, but can sometimes limit a large majority of people from even trying this amazing activity. Most people just walk or need to just ‘get walking’ – so we just want to help them to get out & do some simple… Mainstream walking with major benefits.

So if you’re constantly trying to work exercise into your schedule & you wish exercise could be more fun – & easier to do? Then the Keenfit Pole Walking System is for you! It makes walking with poles fun, easy & exhilarating, no matter what your age or fitness level.

Beginner to Intermediate Technique


The Punch-Pull Technique was designed to add even more versatility to the sport – for an even broader more diversified group. It is our beginner to intermediate technique that is best used to warm-up with, it is best used on uneven & lesser compact terrain like trails / paths & gravel roads & works best for going down hills – where one would choose to use less resistance.

Because of the angle of the walking poles & your arms this technique is easy to control & to do less aggressively – so for some people & in some places – this is the only technique you may want to employ. For example people who may be: excessively overweight, in poor shape, have any lower-back or lower-body issues; are physically challenged, quite weak, elderly or have trouble balancing.

NOTE: If you have any of these issues it is recommended that you consult with your Physician before starting this or any new activity. This is also the suggested technique for surfaces like: gymnasium or mall floors; gravelly or icy roads where your Poles may want to slip out from underneath you when you push-off like in Nordic Walking.

Regardless, this Beginner to Intermediate Technique Commands Respect… Done more aggressively it can be a substantial workout!

Intermediate to Advanced Technique


The Pendulum-Push Technique was designed to parallel the benefits of the more traditional Nordic Walking method.

It is our intermediate to advanced technique that is best used after you have warmed up & when you would like to use more resistance & push-off. It is best done on more even & harder compact surfaces like roads / sidewalks & pavement. Due to the increase in resistance & push-off – it is best not to use this technique for going down hills.

Because of the angle of the walking poles, your arms & the low-shallow-arc push-off made to propel forward – this technique is a little more difficult to learn & can easily increase your stride. So for some people [see the Punch-Pull Technique above] we suggest starting this Pendulum-Push Technique after getting comfortable with the Punch-Pull Method first.

Because of the angle of the walking poles & arms this can be a Great workout…
Done less aggressively it can be easy enough even for the beginner to do!

Just walking with poles is awesome but walking using proper technique & form can be amazing! Get Good at Pole Walking & turn “A simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, aerobic – total-body workout!”

Good Luck – have fun “Walk – On”!

The best were people who thought I lifted weights as my arms looked so good from Pole Walking!

Dear Keenfit, After having kids, they are now 8 and 10, there was that last 10-15 pounds left on that... View Article


The best were people who thought I lifted weights as my arms looked so good from Pole Walking!

Dear Keenfit,

After having kids, they are now 8 and 10, there was that last 10-15 pounds left on that I never could seem to shed.

My husband suggested that we go to one of the many Keenfit Pole introduction classes that were being run in different locations around the city. We tried it out. He was a natural, & I took longer to get the hang of it.

As we both thought this is something we could do and fit into our schedule after trying it out, we each bought a pair. My big motivation came when I found out that there was a high school reunion in the summer.

I started to used my poles 3-4 times a week. As we live on Dilworth I enjoyed the grueling walk up to the water tower right at the top of the mountain. It takes me 1 hour return to do the loop. To keep me going I listen to audio books on my MP3. I can even get some of my book club books “read” this way. Doing this, combined with cutting out sweets from my diet, I lost 15 pounds the spring before the reunion.

It was a great feeling to buy new clothes in a smaller size! I was rewarded with many compliments.

The best were people who thought I lifted weights as my arms looked so good from Pole Walking!

Kyla – age 38
KelownaBritish Columbia – CA