Welcome to Pole Walking

Basic Introduction

Welcome to Pole Walking…

Hi, my name is Sheri Simson, aka the Pole Lady – I am a ‘Health & Fitness Ambassador’ and a ‘Pole Walking Expert’ – I’m so excited to have you show an interest in Pole Walking and I truly look forward to introducing you to an amazing sport – that is not on exhilarating and easy to do – but is one of the most beneficial and rewarding activities you’ll ever try.

At Keenfit we’re not just about the Poles, we’re about ‘using them’!

Our mission is to inform, inspire, empower & support people to become accountable for themselves so they can find balance, live in peace and walk as their true selves.
And with accountability being the key and with Pole Walking being one of the easiest forms of exercise we can pretty much all do, there’s no reason why we can’t accomplish our vision which is to raise the fitness level of North America and create a Walking Revolution!
I invite you to join us and learn how the Keenfit Walking System can turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, aerobic total body workout.

Studies have proven that Pole Walking:

  • Increases calorie burn up to 48%
  • Increases cardio health up to 20%
  • Lessen impact – 26% off lower joints
  • Engages over 90% of our major muscles

Other benefits of Pole Walking are:

  • Naturally correct body postureStrengthen core & upper body
  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Handle stress better
  • Eat & sleep better
  • Increase energy
  • Have fun – be happier!

Keenfit’s ‘Unique & Simple, Walking System’ is designed to maximize results for everyone
– from the casual, average walker to the serious, athletic walker.

Please take a stroll through our website and remember –
Raising the fitness level in North America
begins with YOU
& at Keenfit we want you to get fit …”Walk Your Path”

Balance is my Biggest Challenge, because of the Effect of the Cancer Surgery on my Brain & Eyesight

I am a 68 year old Holistic Nurse, Mother, & Grandmother.  In April of 2005 my life changed as I... View Article


Balance is my Biggest Challenge, because of the Effect of the Cancer Surgery on my Brain & Eyesight

I am a 68 year old Holistic Nurse, Mother, & Grandmother.  In April of 2005 my life changed as I was diagnosed with brain cancer, called Glioblastoma.

I was given a year to live, but it wasn’t my time to die. So, I had surgery, chemo and radiation, side effects and problems. When I first came home from rehab, my friend pushed me in a wheelchair. Sometimes I walked behind it, pushing it. I advanced to a wheeled walker.

One day, one of my daughters took me for a “walk” in an outdoor area. She had the idea of using regular ski Poles so I could get through the rough terrain. I continued to use the ski Poles and a special cane.

Then we found the Keenfit Walking Poles online. What a great thing! I could walk on hard surfaces without slipping. You see, balance is my biggest challenge. Because of the effect of the surgery on my brain and eyesight, if I look suddenly up, or to one side, I will lurch and lose my balance – but no more. As long as I have my Walking Poles, I am able to ‘catch myself’ before I’m in danger of falling.

I understand that as I build my core strength, my balance will improve. So, every day, I walk with my Poles. I’m able to go out independently and am safe. I live in the city of Royal Oak, MI which is a great walking community.

When I walk to the post office, library, drug store etc. it works best to wear a backpack so I can use both arms for my walking poles. I’ve started traveling to teach (healing) again, so when I fly, I just telescope the Walking Poles & put them in my suitcase.

The airport is good about riding me in a wheelchair and I carry a cane for short requirements. I contacted Keenfit, suggesting that they promote their products to rehab establishments, or whereever. I think my balance is improving…maybe because my body is used to walking better.

It’s been more than three years since my original surgery and diagnosis….and I’m doing great. I believe the cancer is behind me but the balance problem is still with me. For me, prayer and healing were the keys to my recovery along with my attitude. Just don’t believe everything the doctors say. I believe I will continue to be well. Only the good die young, and I’m way past that. So, I guess I’ll just keep on walking.

Kathy – age 68
Royal OakMichigan – US