Hiking Poles Vs. Walking Poles


Nordic / Fitness / Pole Walking Poles are different than Hiking & Trekking Poles.
The differences are in the handle-grips, palm-straps and feet options
as well as in the weight of the Poles & their comfort.

…You definitely would not want to take Hiking Poles ‘Walking,’

The straps, handles & weight of hiking or trekking Poles are not always made to be comfortable for repeated, extended use. However we are happy to say that because of the durability, feet options, weight & design – “you truly can enjoy taking our Keenfit ‘Walking Poles’ for a Hike!”

See the comparisons below…


Hiking / Trekking PolesFitness / Nordic / Pole Walking Poles
Purpose of Hiking Poles:
to minimize energy expended while hiking by aiding balance and reducing stress on the lower body.
Purpose of Nordic / Walking Poles:
to energy expended while fitness walking – enabling a variety of arm-movements that help you ‘plant and propel’ the body efficiently forward in an exercise motion.
How Used:
the poles are usually held straight up & down and planted in front of the body, with minimal push-off or arm-swing.
How Used:
the poles are typically held at an angle and planted behind the body, pushing off the ground to propel your body forward, through a firm Punch-Pull or Pendulum-Push motion of the arms.
Handle Grips:
typically plastic, straight with grooves & finger-nubs, and may be flat on top to be used for help going downhill.
Handle Grips:
ergonomically angled, smooth surface (with no grooves or finger-nubs) – made with cork for comfort.
usually simple wrist loops used to prevent dropping the poles.
Palm Straps:
adjustable palm-pads, attached to the handles with adjustable straps – used to help control & transfer your energy during push-off and to help keep hold of the poles through the Punch-Pull or Pendulum-Push motion of the arms.
Feet Options:
steel-tips & baskets only – no rubber feet since poles are never used on surfaces like sidewalks.
Feet Options:
steel-tips & baskets for rough surfaces, plus attachable durable rubber feet for trails & harder surfaces like roads & sidewalks, & indoor walking tacks.

Importance of Using Poles on ALL Walks (not just Hikes!)

Hi Sheri I was with you last week at your session at the Grand in Kelowna. I was very impressed... View Article


Importance of Using Poles on ALL Walks (not just Hikes!)

Hi Sheri

I was with you last week at your session at the Grand in Kelowna. I was very impressed with your presentation, you should have been a teacher, or were you?

My name is Jean and I live in Cochrane, Alberta near the base of the Rocky Mountains. At the conclusion of your session I filled out a form to receive your newsletter. I told you that I use my sticks in the mountains but not on my daily walks so after listening to you explain the advantages of using sticks on my daily walks today I set out with mine in hand.

I am asthmatic and I have arthritis in both of my knees. I found with using them that my stride was consistently longer therefore I walked faster and that my breathing was much more relaxed. On completion of my hour’s walk I was really energized and not at all tired even though I have several uphill areas. I thought that my arms would ache but such was not the case.

Tomorrow will be 1 1/2 hrs which will complete my 10 000 daily steps. I fell in-step with my sticks immediately. Going uphill was so much easier but I am not sure yet how to use the sticks properly on a decline. Possibly you have a suggestion for me.  **a suggestion is to either increase the backward angle you are holding your Poles by so that Poles become ‘shorter’ by doing so – or if the hill is really steep – you might want to put the Poles out in front of you to help you keep your balance as you travel down the hill.**

As mentioned I have my own sticks and after looking at yours I was really impressed with the design of them compared to mine. I think that the strap on the handle and the various rubber tips are very well designed. I agree with you that the springs are really not necessary, in fact better not to have them.

Sheri I have told several people about your stick design and about the advantages of using sticks on all walks. I believe I have convinced one friend in Vernon to see you and 2 others in Calgary to use sticks daily. These friends are all avid daily walkers.

I am so pleased that I attended your session.



** We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colours….but they all exist very nicely in the same box.

Jean CochraneAlberta – CA