How We Created Our Walking Poles

The Keenfit Factor…

Creating a pair of good quality; durable; light-weight,
sturdy; rattle-free Walking Poles that are not only
comfortable & easy to adjust but also affordable
& something we could stand behind,
warranty without difficulty
& be proud of – was our quest…

These were some of the factors, along with many more, that we made extremely important when we started Keenfit – the Pole Walking Co.

Here’s the story of how our Keenfit Walking Poles were created…

I, Sheri Simson, aka The Pole Lady, discovered Pole Walking almost 10 years ago on a trip to Denmark where my Mother-in-law ended up giving me a pair of poles someone had just given her. I didn’t know at the time but they were a very crude pair of trekking poles – they had ski-pole handles & straps with hard-rubber trail-feet – I was so excited to get them that I didn’t mind that they weren’t very comfortable & that they clunked, rattled & vibrated with every step.

A couple of years later, after I fell in love with Pole Walking & it changed my life [click here to read my whole life-changing story] – I started my search to find the best walking poles out there – poles that were good quality & well priced – that I could proudly represent & have available for people to use during my clinics & affordable for them to buy if they wanted them for themselves.

Well – it was not a simple task – In the end I had bought & walked with almost a dozen different pairs of Walking Poles & to no avail – I couldn’t find anything I felt good about. They were either: too expensive; too cheap; too noisy; too clunky or too uncomfortable! I was so frustrated & disappointed – I nearly gave up.

Thankfully my husband suggested that I design my own… & that was the true beginning of Keenfit – the Pole Walking Co. – I didn’t even know where to begin when it came to having them manufactured [my husband took care of that] but I did know what I liked & what I didn’t like about all the poles I had been Walking with over the last thousands of kms/miles.

It took probably 4 to 5 goes at it before we finally got it to where we have them today – working on everything from the materials; to the finishes; to the sizing, to the design of the locking mechanism, the handles & straps.

WE are proud to say that since March 2004:

  • We have sold tens of thousands of pairs of Keenfit Walking Poles
  • We WON the 2012 Readers’ Choice Award for BEST WALKING POLES

…All while maintaining a less than 0.3% Return/Warranty Rate!

“Walking Poles should not only be light-weight, sturdy & rattle-free
but to help ensure that you’ll use them – they should also be
easy to adjust & comfortable… I Guarantee ours are!”

Please continue-on & get all your questions answered
so you can get the right Walking Poles for YOU…

Poles are the Best thing since Sliced Bread

Hi Pole Lady I bought Poles from you at the Women’s Fair in Vernon, B.C. I was not even sure... View Article


Poles are the Best thing since Sliced Bread

Hi Pole Lady

I bought Poles from you at the Women’s Fair in Vernon, B.C. I was not even sure I would use them cause I have a track record of buying exercise equipment trying them out and shoving them into the back of the closet mainly because they hurt.

I have arrhythmia, am diabetic and have sleep apnea (I use a breathing machine at night).  The doctor keeps telling me to exercise but it was hard to get motivated.

I took the Poles to the Westbild center and decided I would try them out, after all they were kinda fun when I tried them at the Woman’s Fair.  The very first time I used them I actually went a whole mile. This is good for me cause before I had trouble making it around the walking track even once, and I went around six times no problem.

I am not a fast walker and everyone kept passing me but I kept on going. These Poles are the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much for introducing them to me and for being at that Women’s Fair.


Chris VernonBritish Columbia – CA