Working through the Geek Factor

I loved walking even before I got my Keenfit Poles. After seeing Sheri’s demonstration and having an opportunity to try them out, they were on my wish list for Christmas. I was lucky as my boyfriend at the time bought them for me that Christmas.

When I first started walking with them I couldn’t stop laughing at myself, I had a difficult time get my arms and legs co-ordinated and OMG I horrified as I was out in public and everyone could see me! In no time at all though I had it mastered.

I certainly could tell the difference walking with the Poles and could feel I was working the upper body. We walked the same distance we usually did and felt the difference. I knew I had burned more calories and was enhancing my cardio workout.

The additional bonus was whenever I went walking with a friend and they would try my Poles I got to watch them get try to get their steps coordinated. There was times we had to stop we were laughing so hard! We had so much fun together, laughing and I enjoyed teaching them how to Pole Walk!


Lorrie – age 44
PentictonBritish Columbia – CA