What gets me out walking in the Winter is because I Can

A few of Loretta’s emails:

What gets me out walking in the winter is that I can. I don’t always get up early to go, but I walk in the afternoon. Our walking group is great as there is usually someone I can call within the group to join me. I mostly walk Mission Creek Greenway, and if you’ve never seen the creek in the winter, you’re really missing something.

The ice and snow makes small waterfalls over the rocks and frozen water. I look forward to the group walks as we get to laugh, talk, and have fun on the trail. No one ever gets left on the walk, we look out for each other, no one goes home mad.

Today it is snowing lightly and we will be walking up Scenic Canyon Trail, it is magical in the trees. I wouldn’t want to miss that by staying in the house because it’s cold or snowing. You just have to dress according to the weather.

If you haven’t walked our parks in the winter, try it, put (tracs) on your boots if it’s icy, and you’ll see other people out there enjoying the fresh air and the wild life.

Thanks Sheri and Barb (our fearless Walk Leader). We can also be the eyes and ears for the Regional District as to suspicious activities.

Pole Walker for Life

What gets me out to walk in the winter is because sitting in a chair all day or all afternoon is too painful! Because the days I don’t go for my 1-2 hour walk, my body lets me know. All those aches and pains are now really annoying, every joint stiffens.

So get off your couch and join us! Besides, the winter on our park trails is beautiful. Some days I come to the point of the trail to turn around and I just don’t want to go home and lay on the couch with the cats! It brings you alive to walk all year round, gives you purpose and a sense of accomplishment!

With our group, I know there will be someone with a sense of humor and compassion to talk to. In our 1 hour walk, you could walk and talk to at least 6 different friends. We support one another – and if you don’t show up for a couple of walks.. Expect a phone call!!



I can now garden all day, with breaks, and not collapse in the evening. I have a lot more fun with my grandchildren, thanks Wilfred, the water balloon fight was great fun. With Pole Walking, I have given myself a new beginning for my life and health.

Keen-fit Poles are the best because they stand behind their product.

What can the Poles do for you? Well, if you’re willing to put in the time, ask yourself what can I do for myself. It only take 1 hour a day, and we all deserve 1 hour to do something you can feel good about. So 2 years ago, I was introduced to Keenfit and the Poles. I started walking with a group 3 days a week year round. Except at minus 15-20 degrees celcius (that is around minus 68 F). I used to walk all the time but was never consistent. The great group leaders and walkers are ordinary people, (mostly women), who have realized the benefit of the Poles!

In the last month, I have gone from 205 lbs to 167 lbs (**note from Keenfit: We do not recommend this high rate of weight loss in only one month. This is a special circumstance.  A healthy rate of weight loss is 0.5-2 lbs per week.  The first 2 weeks may be much higher than this and that’s ok) , I have gotten off a medication that increased weight and damages your liver, so I have replaced the medication with walking with my Poles – 5-6 days/ week.

About once every 6 weeks I set out from my house, with my Poles and don’t plan on being home for a couple of hours. Yes, my feet and legs get sore, my arms and hands, but I’m a long way from home with no phone. So if you have a set of Poles that are in a closet – take them out for a walk, join a group, we accept all strays!

In one hour you could have fun with friends and get in that exercise for your whole body. I feel taller and no longer walk anywhere looking at my feet. The cheapest exercise is walking, but try adding some Poles. But remember your Poles must be walked as much as possible. See you on the trails, I’m the one with the silly bell! Like bears care.

Walk on.


Loretta KelownaBritish Columbia – CA