Walking Poles Help a Variety of Ailments

I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in my right foot which is painful and hinders mobility while walking. I am under the care of a chiropractor and I am now able to go for long walks.

The Walking Poles are helping me to maintain flexibility in my feet and are giving me stability. I have been using my Poles on a daily basis for a month and yesterday, to my amazement, we went for a two hour hike up and down Pincushion Mountain. I was a bit tired but nothing really ached. I could not have done such a long hike without the Poles. I am amazed at the possibilities of what I can now accomplish with my Poles.

My husband bought his Walking Poles a couple of weeks ago. Although he has severe asthma, the Poles are helping him with his walking and he is less out of breath and is able to walk longer distances than before. We are slowly getting back into shape and our two Bernese Mountain dogs just love the long hikes.

Rita – age 66
PeachlandBritish Columbia – CA