Using your Poles All or Most of the Year

My sister and I really enjoy our Pole Walking. We walk 5 days a week ( for just under 1 hour) except in the winter time. We still walk 2 to 3 times in minus 30 degree Celsius  weather (that is around minus-86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Many people look at us and wonder what we are doing, and they often ask us where our skiis are! We just tell them that they are Walking Poles and we really enjoy them. We never go walking without them. We even had to order new tips for our Poles (wore them right out!) What a great invention!


Note from Keenfit:  You can still walk outside in the cold – please make sure you bundle up to keep warm – & it doesn’t hurt to have ice grippers to put on your boots so you have more traction on ice& snow.  I, personally, would NOT go out in -30 degree weather as Sue and her sister have :O)  It all depends on where you are and how acclimatized you are.  If I still lived where they are.. I would.. but I now live in semi-arid desert weather and have acclimatized to here & would find that painful (as discovered by visiting near them not long ago in the winter).

You can shorten up your normal walking time – or divide it.  If you are used to doing an hour… maybe do a half hour in the morning and a half hour later that day.  Any time spent Pole Walking (even 5mins) – is better than not at all.  You still benefit.

I also have to say that a Pole Walk in fresh crisp air in the winter makes you feel pretty great!  It also gives you a great excuse to have a hot chocolate.

You can always find an inside Rec Center track to walk in – or around an arena – or even inside a mall.  Many malls have early morning Walking Programs – as other options to consider.

Sue St PaulAlberta – CA