The Solution to many Challenges

Since I was 3 years old, I have had a chronic kidney disease that results in high blood pressure, among all the other symptoms. When it was finally discovered that exercise would help in living with this disease, I became more active, mostly walking and jogging. Ankle problems kept me from jogging over the past 10 years.

I started going to a gym and although I didn’t always like it, my doctor recommended it and there was some stabilization in my health. I was at a plateau for a very long time, then I was introduced to Pole Walking by a seminar in our lunch-room at work. (my employer is very strong on keeping us healthy – more production, less sick-time, happier employees)  Note from Keenfit:  Have Sheri come speak at your workplace or event!  Give us a call to learn more (or check out the ‘Meet Sheri’ tab for more info) – 1-877-533-6348

My health has really stabilized, both my family doctor and kidney specialist are very happy with test results and my all-round health. We live in a beautiful part of the country, surrounded by mountains and I can walk along the beach, just a few minutes from my home, along with many other walking paths.

The greatest joy is striding out with my Poles (by the way, my ankle problems have also subsided) being surrounded by such beauty, and knowing “The Secret” as well. I have such gratitude that so many blessings have come my way, along with Pole Walking (the instruction classes enabled me to meet even more wonderful people), seeing my health improved, and having muscles with definition (who would have thought?). Pole Walking is great all year-round and it’s my quiet time when I can think about how many wonderful things have come into my life.


Veronica PentictonBritish Columbia – CA