The Poles helped with her Foot Pain, so she & her mother are going to be Pole Walking Together!

Testimony of Kahlil, an 11 year old from right here in Kelowna. Last weekend, Kahlil and her classmates were camping at Silver Lake Forestry Camp. Tracey took a few sets of Walking Poles with her for the other chaperones and teachers to use.

Kahlil, I should mention, is very overweight. They were into the first 15 minutes of their hike, and Tracey was walking at the back of the class with Kahlil and another student. Kahlil was trailing behind and complained that when she walks, which is not very often, she tends to ride a bike, that her feet always ached and that was why she didn’t enjoy walking.

Tracey asked if she would like to try her Walking Poles. She said sure and took to them like flies to honey. She didn’t need instruction for foot to arm action and walked in the middle of the pack for the rest of the hour long hike. She loved her Poles so much, her and her mother are going to be Pole Walking together.

About Kahil – age 11
KelownaBritish Columbia – CA