Struggling with very Painful Ankle; I had developed Arthritis & Doc wanted it Strengthened

I was struggling with a very painful right ankle, thinking I had developed arthritis in it as it ached all the time.  I went to the doctor to see if he could do anything & found out I did not have arthritis in the ankle, but had in fact broken the ankle a few years before.  I didn’t know it was broken, so it set on its own & my ankle and foot were in fact crooked.

Since re-breaking it was not an option to me, the doctor told me I had to do 2 things – firstly take off some weight & secondly strengthen the ankle.  I had heard about the Poles & had seen people walking with them so decided to try them.

Here I am almost a year later & amazing enough my ankle does not ache anymore!  When I walk with the Poles, it reduces the impact on my body & has made all the difference in the world.  I am also dropping weight with a structured eating program & the Walking.

I have dropped a total of 34 pounds.  I still have a long way to go, but am sure I’m on the right path.  I also have arthritis in my knees, but they do not ache at all when I walk with the Walking Poles.  All in all it is amazing how good I feel when I have gone Pole Walking.

Carla – age 64
KelownaBritish Columbia – CA