Sheri’s Presentations are Well Received

Hi Sheri and Jana

I want to THANK YOU BOTH VERY MUCH for the wonderful presentation and demonstration on Pole Walking that you did for our organization, the British Columbia Government Retired Employees Association (BCGREA).

It was absolutely wonderful, full of enthusiasm, very humorous at times, and overall very well received by all of our members attending (34 members I believe that day). I know for a fact that I was impressed with the presentation from both of you, and you do a great job of getting people interested in the program as was well documented at the end of your program by the number of members that purchased Poles for their own exercise programs.

I am seeing more and more people out there walking with Poles, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors to get EVERYONE directed towards a healthier life style, and I am not just talking about Seniors.

Thanks again for your good efforts.

Yours truly

W.W. (Bill)

Bill PentictonBritish Columbia – CA