Promise of Upper Body Workout is True- Also helping Rehab a newly blown-out Knee

Sheri, It was a pleasure talking to you this morning. I have had my Walking Sticks for about a year and I have gotten to the point where it feels odd to walk without them.

I was in a veterans hospital waiting room (for my hearing) and I picked up a four year old travel magazine, in it I came across an article about Nordic walking and how it was developed in Scandinavia to keep cross country skiers fit during their summer months and it then developed as a fitness rage on its own.

It sounded interesting and when I got home that day I went on line and came across, among others, Keenfit which seemed the best to me. I was already a long distance walker but liked the idea of more Upper Body exercise, once I got my Walking Sticks, I started in and found the promise of Upper Body workout to be true.

I recently retired; the day before I retired I blew my knee out (climbing stairs of all things) and had to take total rest. After a week I grew tired of the inactivity and got out my Walking Sticks. It was slow at first, but I got moving and now three months later, I am back up to three to six miles a day and I give all the credit to my Chiropractor and my Keenfit Walking Sticks and I will continue to Walk my Path.

Thank you,

Jim AgawamMassachusetts – US