Pole Walking Reduces Fibromyalgia, Knee, Hip & Back Pain

I started Pole Walking with you on April 8th at the Rose Garden. Within a very short time, maybe three weeks, walking 3 or 4 times a week, for about 30 minutes a day, I suddenly felt almost no back pain. I suffered back injury at age 7 or 8 year. My lifestyle – horses – riding – farming – heavy lifting etc. did not help it. Now at almost 75, my right knee has given up, and this apparently shortened my right leg, causing more pain in my back – pulling the right hip our of it’s normal position. My close friend Judy Doyle said “You are standing up straighter and walking more upright”. Now I have no explanation, except Pole Walking, and prayers of many.

Today my back is still far far less painful then I’ve had in 60 years. I know the Pole Walking is good for my back and, it stretches my right knee, so even while it is still going sideways, it is more flexible. I truly believe we must do all we can to stay healthy and mobile. Bunny

PS Forgot to mention I’m supposed to have heart surgery (valve replacement) sometime when my name is reached on the infamous list. After that it will be knee surgery. Best time of my life to get on with Pole Walking.

PPS Also forgot I have Fibromyalgia – and retired on medical grounds at age 53. Now I have less pain from that also.

Bunny – age 75
KelownaBritish Columbia – CA