Knows Poles will help with new Knees, busting through a Plateau & overall Impact Reduction

I couldn’t believe my luck to have found your web site. I am 55 years old and also overweight.

In October I joined weight Watchers and have lost 43 pounds. I find myself down to the last 10 pounds and stuck. During this time I have also had both knees replaced.

I have ordered the Keenfit Walking Poles and look forward to putting them to good use to help me shed those last 10 pounds. I know that using the Poles will also make walking distances more comfortable with the new knees.

I am fully recovered from the two surgeries and look forward to starting this new exercise routine. I also plan on mentioning your website at my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow morning!!! Thanks for the boost! I can hardly wait to get at it!

Bonnie – age 55
CalgaryAlberta – CA