Even with Fibromyalgia, Shoulder, Hip & Foot Challenges, I can go for Miles without Any Pain!

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for over 15 years.

I’ve gone from being physically fit to physically stagnant and unable to exercise due to pain in my shoulders, hips, and feet. My mother gave me Walking Poles (she’s 89 & Pole Walks, but that’s another story!) for my 57th birthday.

Gradually I started using them for a block at a time.

Two months later, I Pole Walk every other day and go for miles without any pain. In fact, I have very little pain at all! The Poles actually absorb some shock to the legs and hips and also exercise my arms.

I haven’t felt so good since I was 30 something! I recommend Pole Walking for everyone who wants to get a full body workout!

Janice – age 57
British Columbia – CA