Cynthia now looks Forward to her Morning Walks

Dear Sirs:

In 1980 I was in a traffic accident, shattering my right leg from
the knee down. After many operations and procedures, an orthopaedic traumatologist felt the best option was to perform an ankle fusion on my right ankle.

I recently had an evaluation done by a physical therapist who recommended that I use Walking Poles during my morning walk to alleviate back and hip discomfort and thereby make walking more enjoyable.

Which Poles should I choose?


Cynthia after a few Pole Walks:

Dear Rosie,

Greeting from New Mexico!

I have been using the Poles during my morning walk and they have made a difference.

Before using the Poles, my knees, hips and lower back caused me a great deal of discomfort after my daily walk.. Using the Poles, the discomfort has been greatly reduced.

As recommended I have ‘test walked’ the Poles 3 times; I think like any other form of exercise one has to get into the ‘Pole Walk’ rhythm.

I now looking forward to my morning walks.

Many thanks.


Cynthia AlamogordoNew Mexico – US