Carolyn uses Poles every time she leaves the house!

Your newsletter arrived in my e-mail box today just as I was thinking of looking up your website. I hit a milestone today – wore out my first pair of road shoes (they’re so cute!).

I use them every time I leave the house. I have arthritic knees and a bad back, and have been using the Poles instead of a cane.

Walking is so much easier and actually fun with the Poles; I feel so upright and centered. With the cane I felt crooked, and walking was merely a chore.

I used to feel like a novelty, and continue to be regularly questioned about the Poles, but actually more and more people in Iowa City are beginning to use Poles. A friend who just returned from 6 months in Europe tells me the Poles are exceedingly common there. I once encountered an elderly nun, who looked at my Poles and exclaimed “I have a pair of those; aren’t they wonderful?”

Carolyn – age 65
Iowa CityIowa – US