Actual Testimony from Dr.Mark MD, Beach Walking & Rehabilitation

Per our conversation:

Thank You very much for your prompt attention and service. I hope this will be of some help to you and your clients.

I’m a physician and surgeon. I’ve had extensive spine surgery on my neck and back as a result of severe arthritis. Unfortunately this has left me with a severe spinal deformity and I walk in a very bent over position. In order to walk I had to use two canes, this has been very disabling, and limiting.

My physical therapist suggested that I start an aggressive regime of exercise and rehabilitation to help me stand and walk more upright, and become more mobile.

They suggested that I use the “ski Poles” and recommended your web site. I exercise and walk with the Poles. As I get more upright, we increase the height of the Poles. I walk about one to two hours a day including rehabilitation two times a week. I get both general conditioning , physical conditioning and cardio as I use the Keenfit Poles.

Recently I had a vacation near a beach, and was able to walk in the sand with the Poles. As a result of the design of the beach basket on the Poles tip-they did not sink like the canes would. I am sold on “Keenfit”

Hope this is of use to you.

Thanks again.

Dr.Mark H F. LibertyvilleIllinois – US