A short Pole Walk Improves Fibromyalgia, Posture, Breathing, Physical & Mental Well-Being

I have always enjoyed walking. However, I found it a little frustrating because I have trouble with my head, neck and shoulders due to fibromyalgia, and walking alone doesn’t help this.

A couple of years ago, I read an article in Awake! magazine about walking sticks used in Finland. What stood out from the information was that walking with sticks helps to relax and strengthen the upper body, and aids in maintaining good balance, no matter the weather or the innate clumsiness of the walker.

I also have two friends from Finland who praise the benefits of walking sticks, and told me that EVERYONE uses them year-round at home.

I picked up a used pair in Switzerland last year, and since purchasing the rubber tips from Keenfit, I have LOVED using them! All the praise is quite true! Even on days when I only have 10 minutes, and limited energy, a short walk improves my posture, breathing, physical and mental well-being, and puts the healthy glow back into my cheeks. I have finally found the form of exercise that improves every aspect of my life, and is as versatile as I need it to be. I hope to purchase a pair of Keenfit Walking Poles soon! 🙂

Mischa – age 35
EugeneOregon – US