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2-Pc Fitness Poles

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This light-weight aluminum-alloy, telescopic, adjustable Fitness Walking Poles are designed with 1-adjusting point for more quick & simple adjustment and easy transportation as well as assured customized comfortable fit for the casual average walker or the more aggressive athletic Pole Walking walkers

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Keenfit 2-Piece Fitness Walking Poles includes:

  • 2 Keenfit Walking Poles (1 Pair)
  • 2 Pair of Road Feet
  • 1 Pair of Trail Feet
  • 1 Pair of Carbide Tips
  • 1 Pair of Beach/Snow Baskets
  • (14) FREE How-to videos online (these are free to view before you buy)

Walking is one of the most popular and easiest forms of exercise people can do. Simply adding Keenfit Walking Poles to your walk not only makes it easier to do and easier on you – but it makes it much more beneficial!


  • Each pair of walking Poles are fully adjustable and come with moisture absorbent cork-mix handles and safety ‘reflective tape’
  • 30-minutes of Pole Walking equals the same cardio benefits as a 50-minute regular walking
  • Ergonomically Designed Palm Strap allows release between steps so that hands don’t become cramped – fits on palm versus others that can cut into wrists
  • Increase energy, eat and sleep better
  • Burn up to 48% more calories
  • Increase cardio fitness by 20%
  • Handle stress better
  • Lose unwanted weight
  • Increase metabolism
  • Strengthen Core
  • Build upper body muscles
  • Naturally correct body posture
  • Lessen impact – at least 26% off lower joints

2 Piece Dimensions:

  • Size from Dis-assembly to Telescoped: 29.5″ to 32″ [fit in the Keenfit Pole Tote & larger suit cases]
  • Height of Pole Walker: Extends to custom fit people ranging from 4ft / 122cm tall to 6ft5in / 196cm tall (total safe extension of 140 cm)
  • Weight: Each Pole: 0.6 lbs with Road Foot on
  • Material Content: Aluminum Alloy

Additional information

Weight.626 kg
Dimensions98.9 × 20 × 6.5 cm

4 reviews for 2-Pc Fitness Poles

  1. Paulette – age 55

    I joined the Westbank Walking Club hosted by Cathy Marks, early in the new year. I am 55 yrs. old & have a steel plate in my knee which has resulted in lower back problems. Walking as an exercise was not an option for me.

    I am happy to say that as we progress into the month of March that I am NOW WALKING 4 KM a DAY (45 min work out at Royal Lepage Place) and my knee does not hurt when I walk with the poles, & my back does not go out as often as I am toning my core muscles through the use of the Keenfit Poles.

    (This is better than doing sit-ups!) I have lost 2 inches around the ribcage (toning) and my arms are now getting muscle. I feel better and have more energy. Using the Keenfit Poles is enabling me to live a fuller, richer, & healthier lifestyle.

  2. Cheryl – age 53

    Dear Sheri

    I love my Walking Poles! I am now 53 years old and thanks to my Keenfit Walking sticks (which I’ve been using for over 4years now) I am as active as I used to be. I grew up very active and in Australia I was a National Net-Ball Champion in University. Several years ago, I ended up in a car accident that severely injured my back.. affecting everything I did – I couldn’t even go for a short walk without ending up suffering in extreme pain for days afterwards.

    I’ll never forget the first time I took the Poles out on a walk, not only was I gone for over an hour, but I didn’t hurt at all! Also, my husband and I like to go on hikes, before my accident we were doing some pretty major treks – but of course after the accident that all changed. My back was so bad that once I even had to be carried down a mountain trail and another time I don’t remember the whole event – I was drugged up so much on pain-killers :(.

    But with the Poles – I don’t just walk, I enjoy long, hard hikes – & they help me keep my weight in check! Now, I am always the first one to say “so where are we going next!”

    Thank you,


  3. Wendy – age 40’s

    Hi Sheri,

    I’m so glad that this Tote is now available; would have loved to have had one the summer of 07’ whilst traveling in Asia!

    Also, as mentioned on your site, the 2-part poles don’t fit conveniently into most commonly sized luggage! Considering that I had to carry them on-board for all the air travel; I was always leery of them being confiscated; and worried how would I get around without them.

    However, we successfully negotiated through many airports, tourist sites and even museums without them being confiscated!!! Boy, was I ever thankful for that bit of courtesy and even more thankful to have my Poles for support during a particularly health-challenging time of my life. I sure had a lot of ‘stares’ on the streets of Hong Kong, Shanghai,Hangzhou & Suzhou!

    Proud owner & operator of Poles for nearly 4 years….and loving them!

    Thank you soooo much for bringing the Poles to North America!

    Lantau Island

  4. Jane – age 30’s

    Hi Sheri,

    Its Jane here! Your walking advertisement in Abbotsford! I’ve sent quite a few your way. I have just been introduced to pole walking and I am so excited that I just have to share it with you.

    I bought my poles about two weeks ago at the Women’s show in Abbotsford. I walked by the booth just before everything was closing down for the weekend and laughed as every one does at “those funny people who walk with poles”. I stopped to inquire and I forget the woman’s name I spoke with. She said she climbs Mission Hill every day. Well, I was so impressed with how in shape she was that I bought a pair right on the spot. I run every day, and have been for ten years.In two weeks, pole walking has done more for me than running has in ten years.I thought my muscles were changing as I could feel them tinkling when I get back from my walk each day, but I didn’t notice it as nothing was changing on the weigh scale. Today I was clothes shopping and couldn’t believe that my usual size was falling off! I lost an entire size in two weeks! Not only that,I noticed muscles forming in my abs which I have never seen before!!

    Why aren’t more people doing this?? How can you get these more available?? I have told so many people about it already and referred them to your website. It is so much cheaper to buy a pair of poles than to go to a gym! People never end up going to the gym anyway once they pay their membership. I can’t believe how easy it is. Sometimes running can be such a drudgery and an effort to get out there. When I walk with my poles on the same 6km that I run, I don’t even notice the pain and find myself enjoying what’s going on around me like the birds and people; and I end up getting a better workout!

    Thank you for changing my mindset from a mocker to a believer! This is the best thing I have ever discovered, not to mention an amazingly fit new body!



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